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The Toshiba TVM-1003 B&W Monitor

The TVM-1003 10" diagonal B&W Monitor offer high resolution and are easily connected to a CCTV camera and time lapse video recorder. TVM-1003 is packaged in an attractive metal cabinet.

TVM-1003 Features Specs A&E Specs
Exceptional 900 lines of horizontal resolution
BNC connectors for video in and video out
Conveniently located front panel controls
Dual rack mountable
Attractive black metal cabinet
TVM-1003 Specifications
CRT screen 10 inch diagonal B/W, implosion protection
Scanning 525 lines and 30 frames per second (EIA standard)
Resolution 900 lines horizontal at center
Bandwidth Greater than 11MHz
Video gain 32dB
Brightness More than 50FL
Input impedance 75ohm
Connector type BCN type connectors for video in and video out
Controls front panel Power, brightness, contrast, vertical hold, horizontal hold
Controls rear panel Vertical size, vertical linearity, Scan switch
Ambient temperature 50 F - 122 F
Power source 120V AC +/-10% 60Hz
Power consumption 18W maximum
Dimensions 8.66" x 9.76" x 9.21" (W x H x D)
Weight 9.46 lbs.
TVM-1003 A&E Specifications

The monitor shall be a black and white video monitor with a 10" diagonal picture tube. It shall support EIA standard RS-170 composite video signal (1.0 V p-p, 75 Ohm). It shall have a resolution of 900 lines at center video bandwidth shall be >11 MHz. Loop through connectors shall be provided, and both input and output connectors shall be BNCs.

The monitor's power source shall be 120 VAC +\- 10%, 60HZ. Power consumption shall not be greater than 18 W. Ambient operating temperature shall be +50 to +122 degrees Farhenheit.

Located on the front panel, the controls shall be on\off, contrast, bright, vertical hold, and horizontal hold. Rear panel shall have controls for vertical size, vertical linearity, and scan switch.

Dimensions shall not exceed 8.66"(W), 9.76"(H), and 9.46"(D). Weight shall not exceed 9.46 lbs.

TVM1003 10" Black & White monitor $167.40

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