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The Toshiba KV-9096A High Density Time-Lapse Recorder

The Toshiba KV-9096A greatly enhances multiplexer performance because it delivers three times as many fields per second as standard time-lapse recorders. Even without a multiplexer, the KV-9096A greatly enhances the efficiency of your CCTV System. Imagine having the performance of three time-lapse recorders for the price of one! Combine Toshiba's superior reliability with the KV-9096A's advanced features and you have a winning combination.

KV-9096A Features Specs A&E Specs
High-Speed, High Reliability Hybrid Recording Mechanism
Utilizes Economical Standard VHS Tapes
Alarm and Time/Date Search
Clean crisp video with 45 dB s/n ratio
High Density, Standard, 24-Hour Virtual Real Time and Event Recording Modes
Fifteen Timer Programs
Easy Daylight Savings Adjustment
Quad Mode Shuttle (A Toshiba Exclusive)
KV-9096A A&E Specifications

The video recorder shall be a 96 Hour High Density time-lapse recorder with 24 hour Virtual Real-Time mode utilizing 1/2" standard VHS tape. The video recorder shall have the capability to record in standard time-lapse, high-density time-lapse, event record 24 hour Virtual Real-Time mode. The video recorder shall have the capability to record audio in 2, 6, 12, 18 & 24 hour modes. The recorder shall have the capability of reproducing 350 lines of resolution in black & white, & 300 lines of resolution in color. Video input and output shall be 1V p-p composite video signal, 75 Ohm impedance. Video signal-to-noise ratio shall be equal to or greater than 45 dB. . Audio signal-to-noise shall be equal to or greater than 43 dB. Audio frequency response shall be 100Hz - 10KHz. There shall be provisions for line level input as well as microphone input to video recorder. Dimensions shall not exceed 17"(W), 3-5/8"(H), and 12-1/2"(D). The video recorder shall be powered by 120 VAC 60Hz source. Ambient operating temperature shall be +41 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit. Ambient operating humidity shall be less 80%.

The time-lapse recorder shall meet the following minimum requirements:
* Multi-function shuttle dial
* 4 video head field recording
* 2 & 6 hour Real-Time recording (w\ T-120 Tape)
* 24 & 40 hour Virtual Real-Time recording (w\ T-160 Tape; 18 & 30 hour with T-120).
* 12, 24, 48, 72 hour STANDARD time-lapse recording
* 12, 24, 48, 72 hour HIGH-DENSITY time-lapse recording
* Programmable on-screen recording time of 5, 15, & 30 seconds, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, & 6 minutes plus continuous (to end of tape) and manual recording modes
* Alarm recording in 2, 6, 12, 18 and 24 hour mode
* Time, date, day of week, recording speed, VCR number & alarm number shall be displayed on screen
* Auto Record Input
* Auto-repeat record
* 3 end-of-tape modes
* Head cleaning system
* On-screen 15 program timer recording
* Power fail & error message indicator
* Alarm recall
* Alarm search
* Time & date search.
* Buzzer disable switch
* Record mode lock
* Time\date display shall be adjustable as to position it any where within the screen
* Alarm input, output, reset, & end of tape output terminal
* Programmable trigger output to synchronize video switching devices
* Wired remote control option
* Ten day memory back-up
* Record check
* Rewind T-120 tape within 100 seconds
KV-9096A Specifications
Signal System N.T.S.C. Color Television System
Video Recording System Rotary 2 head azimuth recording
Video Head Configuration 4 head double azimuth
Rec/Playback Time Mode
(T-120) Normal Density
A2, A12, A24, 24, 48, 72
Rec/Playback Time Mode
(T-120) High Density
A6, A18, 30, 48, 72
24 Hr. Virtual Real Time Mode (T-160) AVAILABLE (Operates with A18 mode)
Time Recording 15 Program
Event Recording YES
Audio Recording (T-120) A2, A6, A12, A18, A24,
Alarm Record Mode (T-120) A2, A6, A12, A18, A24
Alarm Recording Duration 5s, 15s, 30s, 1m, 1m30s, 2m, 2m30s, 3m, 6m, Cont., Manual
Tape speed VHS STANDARD A2 (33, 35mm/s) A6 (11.12mm/s)
FF/Rewind Time (T-120) Within 100 sec.
Shuttle Dial Quad Mode
Time & Date Search YES
Alarm Search YES
Dayllight Saving Feature YES
Alarm Log (Recall) YES
Mode Lock Feature YES
Auto-Record Input (Ext. Control) YES
Auto Repeat Mode (Auto Rewind) YES
Video S/N 45 dB
Horizontal Resolution (VHS) 350 Line (B/W), 300 Line (Color)
Alarm Input YES (Ground input: 0 to 0.5V DC)
Alarm Reset Input YES (Ground input: 0 to 0.5V DC)
Alarm output YES (DC 5V, Impedence: 220, Less than 10mA)
Tape End Output YES (open/short, Max 20mA, 220
Rec. Trigger Output YES (0/5V Negative pulse signal, Pulse width 33ms)
Wired Rmote Control YES (option)
Microphone Input YES (0.245mVrms), Less than 5K
Audio Freq. Response 100 KHZ (A2)
Audio Track 1 Liner track (mono)
Audio S/N 43 dB
Operating Condition Temperature: 41F-104F (5C-40C), Humidity: Less than 80%
Power Supply AC120V, 50/60HZ
Power Consumption 18W
Weight 11 lbs. (5 kg)
External Dimensions
(W x H x D) mm
430 x 92 x 318 (W x H x D)
17" x 3-5/8" x 12-1/2" (W x H x D)


KV9096 24 Hour Time-lapse VCR $774.90

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