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Mitsubishi Time-Lapse Recorder

HS-8300U Triple Density Time-Lapse Recorder


Technical Specifications


Mitsubishi is again setting the standard for high resolution time-lapse VCRs with the introduction of the HS-S8300U. This unit is a S-VHS with ET mode. S-VHS ET (mode) is a function that allows recording at S-VHS quality, more than 400 lines of resolution on a VHS cassette tape. This feature along with proven reliability, and ease of use with jog/shuttle for programming and play functions makes Mitsubishi time-lapse VCRs the recorders of choice in critical security applications.

HS-S8300U Key Features:
bulletRecords over 400 lines of resolution on S-VHS and regular VHS tapes in both color and black/white
bulletUp to 960 Hours of Time-Lapse Recording
bulletVirtual Real Time Recording at 20 FPS In EP (L18) Hour Mode
bulletRecords in 2/6H, and in Time-Lapse SP (L24/48/72/96/120/168/240/360/480/720/960/0
(one shot) & EP (L18/48/72/96/120/168/240/360/480/720/960/0 (one shot)
bulletAlarm Rec. SP (2/L24) & EP (6/L18)
bulletOne Shot Recording
bulletAudio REC/PB SP (2/L24) & EP (6/L18)
bulletMicrophone Input (600 ohms) and Line Input
bulletAutomatic Head Cleaning
bulletHead Clog Detect
bulletAlarm Index Cueing
bulletExternal Time Clock Synchronization
bulletRecording Check
bulletFull Lock Mode Maintains Settings
bulletJog Dial/Shuttle Ring for Easy Operation
bulletTape Use Counter
bulletTime/Date Search
bulletSeries Recording Triggers Next VCR Near Tape End
bulletBattery Backed Up Timer/Program Memory/Alarm & Power Loss Events
bulletPower Failure Record Restart
bulletVideo Input Signal Loss Indicator
bulletClock Output for External Switcher
bulletSelectable Auto Rewind/Repeat Record
bulletRemote Record Input
bulletOption: Wired Remote Control
bulletOption: RS232C for Computer Control

1. There is a possibility that a (some) VHS cassette(s) may not achieve desired image quality so that a VHS cassette should be tested before actual use. HG grade VHS cassette is recommended.

2. The VHS cassette recorded at S-VHS ET can be replayed with S-VHS deck; S-VHS with S-VHS ET deck; or VHS with SQPB deck.

3. There is a possibility that a few S-VHS decks or VHS without SQPB can not replay a S-VHS ET recorded tape.


Technical Specifications

Tape Format


Television System

525 lines, 60 Field, NTSC Type Color System

Video Recording System

2 Rotary Heads, Azimuth Helical Scanning System

Luminance Signal

FM Recording

Color Signal

Color Subcarrier Phase Shift Recording

Horizontal Resolution

More than 400 lines Color and Black and White
More than 330 lines Black and White; 240 Color

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Video:  Better than 42 dB
Audio:  Better than 43 dB

Audio Tracks

1 Track (Audio in 2H/6H/L18 modes)

Audio Frequency Response

70 Hz - 7 KHz (2H mode)

Tape Speed And Recording Time (with T-120 cassette)



Speed (Drive)

Recording Interval

2H (SP)

2 hrs

33.35 mm/sec (Continuous)

60 fps

6H (EP)

6 hrs

11.12 mm/sec  (Continuous)

60 fps

L18H (EP)

18 hrs

3.71 mm/sec  (Continuous)

20 fp

L24H (SP)

26 hrs

2.57 mm/sec (Continuous)

4.6 fps

48H (SP)

50 hrs

0.417 sec/field (Intermittent)

2.4 fps

48H (EP)

54 hrs

0.150 sec/field (Intermittent)

6.7 fps

72H (SP)

74 hrs

0.617 sec/field (Intermittent)

1.6 fps

72H (EP)

78 hrs

0.217 sec/field (Intermittent)

4.6 fps

96H (SP)

98 hrs

0.817 sec/field (Intermittent)

1.2 fps

96H (EP)

102 hrs

0.283 sec/field (Intermittent)

3.75 fps

120H (SP)

122 hrs

1.017 sec/field (Intermittent)

1 fps

120H (EP)

126 hrs

0.350 sec/field (Intermittent)

2.9 fps

168H (SP)

170 hrs

1.417 sec/field (Intermittent)

1 fps

168H (EP)

174 hrs

0.483 sec/field (Intermittent)

2.1 fps

240H (SP)

242 hrs

2.017 sec/field (Intermittent)

0.49 fps

240H (EP)

246 hrs

0.683 sec/field (Intermittent)

1.5 fps

360H (SP)

362 hrs

3.017 sec/field (Intermittent)

0.33 fps

360H (EP)

366 hrs

1.017 sec/field (Intermittent)

1 fps

480H (SP)

482 hrs

4.017 sec/field (Intermittent)

0.25 fps

480H (EP)

486 hrs

1.350 sec/field (Intermittent)

0.74 fps

720H (SP)

722 hrs

6.017 sec/field (Intermittent)

0.17 fps

720H (EP)

726 hrs

2.017 sec/field (Intermittent)

0.49 fps

960H (SP)

962 hrs

8.017 sec/field (Intermittent)

0.13 fps

960H (EP)

966 hrs

2.683 sec/field (Intermittent)

0.37 fps



---- (varies)


Fast Forward/Rewind Time

Approx. 140 secs with T-120

Timer Programs:

8 Programs - Daily Start & Stop Times for one week

Battery Backup:

31 Days

Alarm Recording Time

Timed: 15/30/45 secs, 1/2/5/10 mins.
Manual 1: Until alarm reset
Manual 2: Duration of alarm

Display Format

Display Mode 1:
(month)-(day)-(year) (hour): (min): (sec) (Alarm recording #)
Display Mode 2:
(month)-(day)-(year) (day of week) (Alarm record #) (hour): (min): (sec) (Recording mode)

Display Position

In any position

Elapsed Use Time Indicator

To 8,999 hours maximum

Front Panel Display


Setup Menus/Event/
Time Date Search

On Screen


3 Motors - Drum/Capstan Direct Drive System

Heads - Video

6 Rotary Single Crystal Heads

Heads - Audio/Control

1 Stationary Audio/Erase & Control

Head - Erase

1 Full Track Erase Head

Video Input

1.0 Vp/p, 75 ohms, BNC-F Jack

Audio Input

-8 dBs, 50K ohms, RCA Pin Jack

Microphone Input

-67 dBs 600 ohms, 3.5mm Mini Mic Jack

Video Output

1.0 Vp/p, 75 ohms, BNC-F Jack

Audio Output

-6 dBs, 1K ohms, RCA Pin Jack

Remote Input
(Optional Remote R-7100)

2.5mm Mini Jack (JISC6560 type)

Terminal Connectors

(Screw Type Barrier Strip)

SET Input

Starts Alarm Recording

RST Input

Stop Alarm Recording or Reset Clock (Sync) input

REC Input

Start/Finish Recording or Series Recording input


Common for inputs/outputs

ALM Output

Output during alarm recording

CLK Output

Camera Switcher output signal

Mode Output

Output to indicate selected mode:
Rec/Play/Power/Tape In/Tape 3 min
End/Clock Adjust output
(Clock Sync)

Call Output

External warning or Series Recording Output:
Tape End/3 min Tape End/Warning


Active when Shorted or "Low" applied  Inactive when Open


Active "Low", 50mA@+5V/10mA@+24V
Inactive: Open, max. Voltage +24V

Rating: CLK

Recording: A pulse of Freq. Div. Ratio selected by

Optional (R-7000RS)
RS232C Connectors

DB9-M Input & Output

Power Source

100-230 VAC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

Approx. 20 Watts

Power Cord

3 Wire (3 Prong for 120V/60Hz type provided)

Operating Temperature

41F-104F (5C-40C)

Relative Humidity

Max. 80%

Dimensions (W x H x D)
(including Jog Dial)

16.7 x 3.7 x 12.4"
(425 x 93 x 315 mm)


9.9 lbs. (4.5 kg)

HS 8300U Triple Density Time-Lapse Recorder $1395.90

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