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Mitsubishi Time-Lapse Recorder

HS-7168U Triple Density Time-Lapse Recorder


Technical Specifications



Mitsubishi is again setting the standard for Time-Lapse VCRs with introduction of the HS-700 Series. Mitsubishi remain the leader in innovation and quality by providing the reliability and ease of operation that are critical requirements for security systems. Standard features include an easy-to-use jog/shuttle function and superior recording head technology for consistent image quality and reliable recording.

Key Features:
bulletUp to 168 Hours of Time-Lapse Recording
bulletVirtual Real Time Recording at 20 FPS AT EP (L18) Hour Mode
bulletRecording 2/6H, and in Time-Lapse SP (L24/48/72/96/120/168/0 (one shot) & EP (L18/48/72/96//120/168/0 (one shot)
bulletAlarm Rec. SP (2/L24) & EP (6/L18)
bulletOne Shot Recording
bulletAudio REC/PB SP (2/L24) & EP (6/L18)
bulletMicrophone Input (600 ohms) and Line Input
bulletAutomatic Head cleaning
bulletAlarm Index Cueing
bulletExternal Time Clock Synchronization
bulletRecording Check
bulletFull Lock Mode Maintains Settings
bulletJog Dial/Shuttle Ring for Easy Operation
bulletTape Use Counter
bulletTime/Date Search
bulletSeries Recording Triggers Next VCR Near Tape End
bulletBattery Backed Up Timer/Program Memory/alarm & Power Loss Events
bulletPower Failure Record Restart
bulletVideo Input Signal Loss Indicator
bulletClock Output for External Switch
bulletSelectable Auto Rewind/Repeat Record
bulletRemote Record Input

Technical Specifications

Item Description

Tape Format


Television System

525 Lines, 60 field, NTSC Type Color System

Video Recording System

4 Rotary Heads, Azimuth Helical Scanning System

Luminance Signal

FM Recording

Color Signal

Color Subcarrier Phase Shift Recording

Horizontal Resolution

More than 330 lines (Black & White)
More than 300 lines (Color)

Signal-to-Noise- Ratio

Video: Better than 42 dB
Audio: Better than 43 dB

Audio Tracks

1 Track (Audio in 2H/6H/L18 modes)

Audio Frequency Response

70 Hz 7 KHz (2H mode)

Fast Forward/Rewind Time

Approx. 140 secs with T-120

Time Programs:

8 Programs Daily Start & Stop Times for one week

Battery Backup

31 Days

Alarm Recording Time

Timed: 15/30/45 secs, 1/2/5/10 mins.
Manual 1: Until alarm resent
Manual 2: Duration of alarm

Display Format

Display Mode 1:
(month) (day) (year) (hour): (min): (sec) (Alarm recording #)
Display Mode 2:
(month) (day) (year) (day of week) (Alarm record #)
(hour): (min): (sec) (Recording mode)

Elapsed Use Time Indicator

To 99,999 hours maximum

Heads Video

6 Rotary Single Crystal Heads

Video Input

1.0 Vp/p. 75 ohms, BNC-F Jack

Video Output

1.0 Vp/p. 75 ohms, BNC-F Jack

Power Source

100-230 VAC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

Approx. 20 Watts

Operating Temperature

41F-104F (5C-40C)

Relative Humidity

Max. 80%

(including Jog Dial)

(425 x 93 x 315 mm)


9.9 lbs. (45. Kg)


HS7168U Triple-Density Time-Lapse Recorder $947.70

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