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The powerful Rapid Eye PLUS Remote Video Unit delivers the highest performance and richest feature set in the Video Telesurveillance business. Fully compatible with all members of the Rapid Eye family of remote video telesurveillance products, Rapid Eye PLUS enables effective remote alarm verification, automated video site touring, situation intervention and management, and full site control in a flexible, easy-to-install package. Fully-integrated communications, and full system control for Remote Audio Surveillance and select PTZ controllers, add up to operating savings for security and business operations alike.

Rapid Eye Telesurveillance offers these benefits for your business:
   - Reduced false alarm costs, with alarm verification using pre- and post-alarm video storage and replay
   - High-quality near-full-motion video images for remote site touring
   - Interactive remote site monitoring with Remote Audio Surveillance
   - Flexibility now and for the future, protecting your investment

Remote Video Unit Features
- Fast frame rate
- Up to 20+ ips low res., 8+ ips high res., over PSTN
- Up to 28+ ips low res. over LAN
- Communications options
- Standard PSTN phone lines
- ISDN (requires external T/A)
- Up to 4, 8, or 16 cameras
- Color and black & white
- NTSC or PAL operation
- Multiplexed video output
- Alarm-triggered pre- and post-alarm video storage
- Up to one hour local storage
- Configurable per camera/alarm
- High resolution image capture
- Simple installation and configuration
- Password protection for dial-in access
- Remote configuration and diagnostics
- Down-line upgradeable software
- Industry-leading image capture and compression
- Remote Audio Surveillance control option
- Direct-connect 2-way audio control I/F
- Automatic 2-way audio connect
- 8-zone audio control + hot line
- On-screen PTZ control option for select controllers
- RS-232 control interface
- Presets setting and select
- Discrete-motion camera "nudge" control
- Alarms and controls flexibility
- 16 alarm inputs
- 8 control outputs
- Auto-dial upon alarm
- Compatible w/ Rapid Eye MANAGER
- Full alarm reporting integrity maintained

I/O Back Panel

Bckdia.gif (6639 bytes)



(1 B channel)


160 x 96 (QCIF)

up to 20+ ips

up to 24+ ips

up to 28+ ips

320 x 192 (CIF)

up to 8+ ips
(Internal modem)

up to 8+ ips
(Requires external T/A)

up to 9+ ips
(Internal NIC)

Video standard: NTSC 525 lines, 60 fields/sec
Video input: 4/8/16 inputs, 1.0V P-P, 75ohm/high-Z BNC
Local video output: 1output; 1.0V P-P, 75ohm, BNC
Alarm inputs: 16 inputs; TTL level, dry contact, or end-of-line resistor sensing
Control outputs: 8 outputs; TTL, active high
Color resolution: 16.7M colors and 256 grayscale
Digital storage: Approx. 1 hr @ 320x192, sample rate 3.5+ ips
Operating power: 120.240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 200W
Ambient temperature: 5 to 40C (40 to 104F)
Dimensions: 102H x 432W x 508D mm
(4H x 17W x 20D inches)
Minimum requirement: Rapid Eye OS Operator Software v4.0

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