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Rapid Eye MANAGER Personal Software delivers to business operations the full power of the Rapid Eye family of remote video telesurveillance products in a personal software package. With a familiar and easy-to-use Windows-based user interface, and state-of-the-art technology, Rapid Eye MANAGER allows for the first time affordable video site touring for business and operations management applications, while protecting the integrity of the other security services for which the system may be used.

Rapid Eye MANAGER offers these benefits for your business:
   - Reduced cost site touring for operations, supervision, and marketing
   - More informed decisions with better information, now when you
need it
   - High-quality near-full-motion video images for remote site touring
   - Flexibility now and for the future
   - 100%  compatibility with the Rapid Eye family of products

MANAGER Personal Software Features
- Fast frame rate

    - Up to 20+ images per second (ips) low resolution, or  8+ ips high resolution, over PSTN
    - Up to 28+ ips low resolution over LAN
-Communications options
    - Standard phone lines
    - ISDN
    - LAN (TCP/IP)
- Display up to 16 cameras
    - Color and black & white
    - 256 to 16.7M color support
- Advanced video features
    - Sequence or tile camera display
    - Selectable image resolutions
    - Quick-click image expansion
    - On-demand video recording and playback
    - Export video clips for fax or reports
- Easy site selection and connection
    - Stored site names and numbers 
   - Search for site name or number
    - On-demand access to remote sites
    - Automated video guard tour

- Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT compatible

Minimum Recommended Laptop or Desktop PC Requirements

    - 486 100MHz processor
    - 2 MB free hard disk for application
    - S-VGA monitor
    - 10 MB free hard disk for video storage
    - 640 x 480, 256-color VGA card
    - Windows 95 or Windows NT
    - 3" disk drive

Recommended for Best Performance
    - Pentium 133 MHz processor or better
    - 24-bit video card

Transmission Resolution PSTN (33.6kbps) ISDN (1 B channel) LAN (TCP/IP)
160 x 96 (QCIF) up to 20+ ips up to 24+ ips up to 28+ ips
320 x 192 (CIF) up to 8+ ips up to 8+ ips up to 9+ ips
Color Palette: device independent up to 16.7M colors
Digital Storage: computer storage dependent (hard disk, floppy, DAT tape, etc.)
Video Playback: from hard disk, with pause and single step

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