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OMNI "Q" Series Software For CCTV Management Systems

Version 3.00 / Revision 1.25


Full Matrix Switching: Switch any camera to any monitor or monitors
Zone Switch & Zone Sequence (in salvos): Allows simultaneous switch of
     zones to groups of monitors for fast assessment
Pass Word Protected Security: Provides for Controller access to program
     subjects on a “Need to Use” basis only
On-line "Help" Tool Bar: PC Operator “Help” screens to guide Operators
     when in doubt
Moveable windows for Live Video, Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Relay control – also
     sizing of the Live Video Window:
Prevents these windows from covering a
     desired CRT display
Simplified Preshot Programming: Mouse selection of Camera Preshots via
     CRT display
Optional "Touch Screen" Control Available for GUI: Provides for optional
     ergonomic system control when using the GUI
User Defined Video Tours: Allows Multiple Sequencing of Selected
Automatic call-up of pan/tilt/zoom/relay control window: Mouse “Point &
     Click” control of P/T/Z & Relays
Real Time Alarm and Relay Status: Immediate CRT Display of Alarm &
     Relay Status
Partitioning of System Controllers: Provides for assignment of alarm and
     monitor functions to a system Controller
Up to four slave Controllers such as Keyboards, Joystick or Intelligent PC
Provides for Satellite Controls of the CCTV System
Supports multiple user-defined Programs: Programming Flexibility. Allows
     instant loading of pre-planned alternate security system programs
Security System Integration: Provides for Multi-Host Integration with PC
     Platforms for Access & facility monitoring, systems etc. (ASCII, DDE etc.
Multiplexer & VCR Control: Provides for remote control of these units
     from the PC keyboard
Embedded Graphic User Interface: System Icon Control via Floor Plans &
     Maps (see Javelin Systems QUIC software program JO5350S)
Supports Multitasking: Operation of Multiple Software Programs
Full Industry PTZ/Dome Communication Architecture: Allows for the use
    of multiple manufacturers PTZ/Dome Receiver/Drivers
Timed Events Programming: Automatic down load of Operator
     pre-configured system programs for video, alarms, relays and controllers,
     based on time & date
International Language Options: World Wide adaptability & accessibility
     to System Software

Functions & Capacities Supported:
One Central, plus 4 ea. Slave Controllers: (JO4100 series, JO1310C PC
     Intelligent series & JO5300 Graphic User Interface Controller)

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Accessory Control Units (ACUs):
Up to 64 supported (system configuration dependent)
Up to 48 Preset Positions (ACU Dependent)
Auxiliary Outputs, 4 ea. (ACU Dependent)
Random Scan, Autopan (ACU Dependent)
Compatible with all Javelin Systems’ ACUs
Supports numerous industry PTZ protocols such as: American Dynamics,
     Cohu, Diamond, Kalatel, Pelco, Vicon, VCL & Videmech* (DOES NOT

RS232 Multiplexer & VCR Control:
RS232 Remote Programming & Control (Javelin Multiplexers, Gyyr Video
     Recorder TLC2100/232, all system configuration dependent)

Video Switch Matrix:
Up to 64 video inputs (system configuration dependent)
Up to 16 video outputs (system configuration dependent)

Alarm Inputs:
Supports 128 QUEST supervised or non-supervised (4 boards/32 contacts
     per, system configure dependent)
Also Supports up to 1000 ASCII and/or Host Alarms (Host through DDE or
     RS232 connection) as follows: Using QUEST (w/128 contacts), Host, ASCII
     and/or ADEMCO Vista series alarms, a maximum of 800 alarms can be
     configured. Using QUEST (with 96 contacts), Host, ASCII and/or ADEMCO
     Vista series alarms, a maximum of 900 alarms can be configured. With no
     QUEST contacts, up to 1000 Host, ASCII and/or ADEMCO Vista series
     alarms can be configured

Relay Outputs:
16 total Relay Outputs, 4 per board module (system configuration

System Features:
Single CRT screen control of the CCTV system components
On-screen Menu Driven system setup and control
Allows the setting of the system time and date

Operator Access Privileges
Provides up to 36 unique operator “Sign-In / Sign-Out” ID
    numbers, with 7 levels of operator privileges: Programming Access,
    Video Switching Access, Alarm Access, Relay Access, PTZ
    Control Access, System Controllers Access, Event Log Access

Timed Events:
Software allows security system program initiation (program
    down-loading) on a timed basis. Software accommodates 30 User
    defined “Entitled” time events as follows:
    – Allows a time code to be defined per time event as: date/month,
       everyday, any of seven days of the week, a holiday or no
    – Allows up to 6 actions to be defined per timed event such as:
       • Switch Video (any camera in alarm to any desired monitor)
       • Activate a Video Tour (switches any desired video tour to any
         desired monitor)
       • Activate a Relay (activate/deactivate any relay in the system)
       • Bypass or Restore any alarm input
       • Send a pan/tilt to a preset position
       • Any four of these actions can be executed by a single timed
       • Provide for program downloads (single timed event only)

Relay Activation:
Allows User to define any one or all relay(s) as VCR/MONITOR
    bank relay(s). This feature allows a corresponding relay to be
    activated for recording a camera/bank monitor(s) switch without
    programming a separate relay action

Alarm Action Features:
Allows for selection of any 5 of the following actions or no-action to be
    defined per alarm event:
    1. VCR/Bank Switch (automatically routes cameras in alarm in
         order received, to first available monitor(s) – Sequences
         overflow camera(s) on bank monitors in ascending order)
    2. Video Switch (switch any camera to any monitor)
    3. Call-up a Video Tour (switches any video tour to any monitor)
    4. Relay Activation (activate/deactivate any relay in the system)
    5. PTZ Home – pan/tilt/zoom lens goes to a preset or preshot location
    6. Video Zone Group call-up
    7. No Action on Alarm

Alarm Definition Features:
Configures each alarm point in the system as follows:
    – Manual or Automatic Reset
    – An Alarm point name
    – Alarm Message (on alarm, display a unique message on QUEST CRT)
    – Normally Open or Normally Closed
    – Supervised or Non-supervised
    – An Operator Alarm Message per alarm point
    – Bypass the Alarm Point

Partitioning Features:
Software partitions any or all alarms to any desired Controller in  the system
     for display & control
Software partitions any or all monitors to any desired Controller in the
    system for display & control

VCR / Monitor Features:
Up to 16 Monitors in the system may be defined as “VCR/Bank Monitors”
     on a first available basis
Video Features:
Camera Zone: Provides capability of assigning up to 8 cameras in
     increments of 2, 4 or 8 cameras to define a zone of cameras – with up to 16
     named identification zones
Monitor Group: Assignment of up to 8 groups using 16 monitors maximum,
     in increments of 2, 4 or 8 monitor groups, with group name identification.
     Monitor group size defines maximum camera zone size permitted
Zone Sequence: Provides for up to 16 zones per zone sequence, 8 zone
     sequences timed from 1 to 99 seconds with dwell time global 0 to 3 seconds
Monitor Sequences: Allows one per monitor with name assignment per
     monitor & up to 64 cameras per sequence with sequence time from 1 to 99
     seconds per monitor & dwell time from 0 to 3 seconds per camera
Video Tours: Programming up to 16 video tours with each tour
     any of up to 16 cameras, with sequence time from 1 to 99 seconds & dwell
     time from 0 to 3 seconds per camera

Video Titles: Software provides for 5 lines of camera location information as
     – Date
     – Time
     – Camera Identification number
     – 20 character camera description
     – 20 character Alarm or Pre-set description
     Display can be turned “ON or OFF”
     Display titling color can be set as black or white
Automatic Call Up: Allows the selection of automatic pop-up of a
     PTZ/Relay control window for defined monitors on the Controller’s CRT.
     Also allows the selection of automatic pop-up of a live video window on
     the Controller’s CRT
RS232 Remote Control: Software provides for control of certain Javelin
     Multiplexers, as well as Gyyr time lapse VCR model TLC2100/232

Other Software Features:
System can be operated in a Manual or Programmed Mode
Software provides for “Real Time Status” of each monitor or monitor group
Provides a “Menu Bar” for: Program, Sign In, Workstation, Video, Alarm,
     Relay, Set Up, Exit & Help
Allows standard PC communication ports to be used for: ACU control,
     Communication to system Control Panels or Graphics Unit Interface,
     Connection to Host Computer Systems & PC Slaves, Connection to ASCII
     alarm source
Printer Port: allows selection of the Event Log Printer to be connected to
     LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3
Allows selection of the ASCII alarm range by defining the first & last alarm,
     and the set string & reset string of alarms to be defined
Host Port allows for the input of the first Host alarm point & last Host alarm
Allows selection of “on or off” line modes & Sign-in requirement for
     Operators Workstation Control Panels. Also, allows assignment of a
     Workstation as an “external host system”
Provides for 48 background colors for CRT control screen
Software provides for an alarm pop-up window to be displayed when
     multi-tasking in other applications
Allows logging of Events in Dbase format. Events to be logged include:
     Alarm Activity & Operator Use. Software allows ability to archive, copy,
     view & delete logs, turn on/off logging to hard drive & Event Log printer
Y2K compliant

Graphics User Interface:
JO1350S software provides for interfacing with Javelin Systems “Graphic
    User Interface Unit” model JO5300. Consult Javelin Systems software data
    sheet JO5350S for further information

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