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Video Remote Server  

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Video processors

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Color Quad Processor
strt017.gif (104 bytes) Color CCD Cameras Dual Page Color Quad Processor
Board 2DLseries  2CLseries 260series  266series B/W Quad Processor
Standard 30series  65series  66series B/W Economy Quad Processor

Dome 15series  12series

Video Switchers
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B/W CCD Cameras

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Board 240series  250series  216series new-1.gif (134 bytes) Color Duplex 4 Channel Multiplexier
Standard  683series  686series new-1.gif (134 bytes) Color Duplex 16 Channel Multiplexier   
Dome 15series  12series  new-1.gif (134 bytes) AC Dome Series

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Hidden Type Cameras

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Smoke Detector Cameras Standard Monitors  Rear Vision Monitors 
PIR Cameras  Metal Electrical Gang Plate LCD Monitors
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Water Resistance Cameras

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Camera Housing & Brackets

new-1.gif (134 bytes) Rear Vision Systems Housings
new-1.gif (134 bytes) Heavy Duty Outdoor Cameras 78series Brackets
new-1.gif (134 bytes) Bullet Cameras     strt017.gif (104 bytes)



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