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cctv, surveillance, loss prevention, hidden camera

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  • All Secure CCTV Camera Systems!

    We specialize in high quality video surveillance and hidden security cameras for the home or business. Here are some of the highlights of our favorite products.

    • Toshiba's new IK-540A monochrome camera represents a major step forward in the field of CCTV surveillance. Combining ultra-low light imaging performance with razor-sharp 570 line resolution, the IK-540A is the ultimate solution for video surveillance.
    • NetVision™ is another great Pelco product that adds a new dimension - Computer Networks and Multimedia - to Pelco security applications. NetVision™ makes it possible to transmit and receive real-time, "live" video, audio, and data through existing digital network systems - yielding significant savings in reduced costs and simpler installation.


    • Now with Intellex you can display, record, archive and then instantly retrieve images from all cameras in your closed circuit  TV systems. Intellex displays multiple cameras to one monitor while also recording all cameras to its internal hard drive for regular play back reviews. After images are recorded, tell Intellex the type of recorded events you are looking to find, and it will instantly locate and play them back with digital precision. 


    • Panasonic Security & Digital Imaging Company, Security Systems Group, is a leading supplier of surveillance and security systems products. The company's comprehensive line includes matrix and sequential switching systems, control software, Super Dynamic DSP cameras, unitized camera systems, CCD and specialty cameras, time lapse recorders, monitors, lenses, peripheral devices and accessories.

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cctv, surveillance, loss prevention, hidden camera